Eating Habits | MTC Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
Why do we eat? On the face of it this would seems to be an obvious question to answer. We eat to live. Food provides us with all the essential nutrients and energy to maintain a healthy and balanced body and mind. Eating is essential for our wellbeing and survival. So, if it were this simple why are there so many fad diets and why is being overweight so common and on the increase. Clearly there are other factors to be considered such as the social situation we find ourselves in, our budgets, the time we must prepare a meal, advertising and life stress. All of these can result in developing unhealthy habits to food where we can find ourselves eating too much or too little. Nowhere is this more true than in terms of so called 'junk food' or some 'processed food' which are highly pleasurable and fine in small amounts but damaging when eaten to excess. Stress and Food There are clear evolutionary drives to find enough food to survive. However most of us live with a plentiful