Anxiety and stress | MTC Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
Here at MTC hypnotherapy we fully understand the impact that stress can have on both your physical and emotional wellbeing. From anxiety, anger and depression to bodily symptoms including pain and fatigue. We can help you mange any stress and get you back to the real you. Why do we have Stress? Human beings have survived through dangerous times. Early men and women would have faced many threats including wild animals, illness, lack of food and other tribesmen and women. The stress system evolved to protect us from all of these. The 3 main stress responses are anger anxiety or depression commonly known as fight flight or freeze responses. When we are stressed many chemicals are released into our brains and bodies preparing us to deal with any threat or danger. You may notice this as increased heart rate, you may be sweaty, your stomach may churn, muscle tension. The Primitive Brain We now know that it is the older part of the brain, called the primitive brain, that runs the stress