You don't know until you try. (a writing exercise.) | | Mr Funk E. Dude
(For this exercise I'm writing from the perspective of someone who has to overcome an insecurity.) It had started on his elbows. then it moved to his knees, and then to his back, forehead and eyes. It was called "Psoriasis". It's when the immune system attacks itself and the skin responds by over producing skin in the inflamed area. The effect is a white like scab that cracks the skin. You can scrub it off, it's just dead skin, but the skin underneath is raw and red. The only real treatment is expensive injections once a month that would be impossible for him to afford. So he had to either cover it, or try to ignore the looks. Covering it wasn't that hard in the winter. Long pants covered the knees. Long sleeve shirts covered the elbows. A hat for the forehead. It was the other 9 months where he struggled. He didn't have a car but instead chose to use public transportation or his bicycle. This meant that pants weren't always practical, and long sleeve t-shirts were much to hot during