My travelling bucketlist | |
Nightshift at the Nürburgring This is my personal bucketlist of (some) dream destination, spectaculae, awesome or dangerous things I definitely want do do, dream of doing, want to attend or experience before I get transferred into another sphere of consciousness: Climb the Alpspitz ferrata Attend the Palio in Siena Freak out at the Burning Man Observe a tiger in his natural habitat (Siberia or India) See Angkor Wat Climb on a volcano Bungy jump over a high gorge Encounter the following marine life while diving: whale sharks manta rays, giant manta hammerhead sharks nurse sharks bull sharks leopard sharks (Oh, yes I am quite into sharks, just in case you haven't noticed.) humpback whales orcas white sharks (here a cage would be nice!) tiger sharks blue-ringed octopus manatee sea lions humboldt kalmar penguins (I already fear the cold...) Airboat ride in the Everglades Do skydiving or parachuting Live in a foreign country for over a year Travel over 100 countries Camping and hiking in