Short escape to Soma Bay | |
In the background you can spot the Orca dive base and the Breaker's hotel The Orca Divebase in Soma Bay near Safaga at the Red Sea, Egypt is a safe bet, as I already been there and was amazed by their quality of service, but this time I tried the Breaker's Hotel for accomodation. My final verdict is that the Breaker's is a fine alternative to the Sheraton for lodging while diving with the Orca Divers. I was eager to try out my new camera setup sporting a Canon G7x Mark II additionally to the GoPro Hero 4, which is great for videos, but only capable of making point and shoot images. So here are the results of my new approach to underwater photography: Silouhette of a reef fish He is the reef watch! The reefs are boasting with life and diversity Nemo engaging! Nemos (clown fishes) huddeling into their anemone The anemone offers protection for the clownfishes as its tentacles have nasty nettle cells. The Arabian Picasso Triggerfish is a beauty - and has a fake eye on his butt. This makes