Sziget Festival – one week of unleashed fun! |
I feel a little sad as will not attend the Sziget Festival for the second year. The nine years from 2006 to 2014 I always spent a week on the Obudai sziget (sziget actually means island). The crowd in front of the mainstage It was great to see this festival rise to the biggest (and once even voted the best) music festivals in Europe. Great due to the attractions they added and the larger and larger crowd and a bit sad as the ticket prices rocketed, so nowadays locals can hardly afford them. But the Sziget festival should definitely be on your to-do list! Yet alone the location itself is a awesome place to have the party of your lifetime, I mean almost a whole island in a capital city crammed with 80.000 people willing to go full throttle!?! A recipe for big time fun, thrills, excitement and extasy! We were always getting there two or three days earlier to camp on the island for free, have better beer smuggling odds and get our favourite place: My VW caravan on our campground of the