Hot Take: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Best animated film of the year... and best superhero film of the year. There, I said it! I remember sitting watching Black Panther earlier this year (which I still haven't written a review on) and thinking nothing would top it when it comes to comic-based films. Then Avengers: Infinity War arrived. Immediately following that viewing, I thought the same thing. Since then many have tried (Because there might be a law that says a comic-based film must come out every 45 minutes) but none have reached the heights or depths these two films reached. On the animation side, Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs wowed early on in the year and it felt highly unlikely another animated film would come close to what it accomplished. Then Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse released. Not only was this film the best comic-based film of the year, it was also the best animated film of 2018, so far. There's a few weeks left but does anyone think Aquaman could be better than any of the films mentioned