Hot Take: Second Act | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: A vehicle for J-Lo to show you how likable she is but the story is too generic and contrived to be anything but just okay. It's entertaining though. I'll give it that much. Fluffy and light, Second Act, the latest film starring Jennifer Lopez is the movie equivalent of comfort food. It's lots of empty calories that is likely to test pretty good while you're digesting it but giving any thought to what you just consumed and it's likely you'll have longed for something a little more substantial for your palette. It's one of those movies that you'll never call film nor be tempted to use the words, "As the plot thickens..." considering how little substance the movie has once you get beyond it's shiny, upbeat surface. Reading the few sentences previous to this one and you might think I wasn't a fan of the movie but that's not true. There's plenty of movies that aren't necessarily good movies that are enjoyable and Second Act is exactly one of those. Starring Jennifer Lopez as Maya,