Hot Take: Vice | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: It doesn't matter if you like or hate the film, you can still marvel at the transformation of Christian Bale into Dick Cheney and have no doubt he deserves the Academy Award when it's given to him in February. It's a waste of time to get into the politics of Vice. The film was either preaching to the choir or further pissing you off as you shout, "This is 'murica, dammit!" Stick around for the credits and the very meta scene addresses this all too well for me to spend any more time on the topic. To be fair, Vice feels a little too gimmicky and done before. Earlier this year, the same feeling came over me while watching Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 11/9. It was all too familiar. Same for Vice whose riffs sound so similar to those in The Big Short, if it weren't Adam McKay's work, he'd be sued for copyright enfringement. Also, the same tricks and gimmicks used in The Big Short which landed so strongly (we're looking at you Margot Robbie and Selena Gomez) weren't quite as