Hot Take: The Mule | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Clint Eastwood doing Clint Eastwood things. It's not as bad as that makes it sound. As a director, Clint Eastwood might be one of the more underrated auteurs of our generation. Hell, I'm going to bet that some reading "Eastwood" and "auteur" in the same sentence might take offense to the combination. The Mule is Eastwood's 38th film in the director's chair and while they aren't always winners (see The 15:17 to Paris from earlier this year), Eastwood has an impressive resume of films and 2 Best Director Academy Awards (for Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby) and 2 losing nominations (for Mystic River and Letters from Iwo Jima) to his credit. It might have to do with Eastwood's outspoken personal stances on, well, pretty much everything which portrays him as a curmudgeon and how often that carries over to his on-screen portrayals but that shouldn't take away from Eastwood's efforts as a filmmaker. Many of his films feature him solely behind the camera and when he does take on a