Hot Take: The Favourite | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Awesome cast. Wickedly funny film. Likely to land on more than a few Top 10 lists though it's likely to settle in the Top 20 at Movie Hot Take. Even if you don't find deeper meaning in The Favourite, the latest from Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster, The Killing of a Sacred Deer), it's hard to imagine there won't be plenty you find amusing. Thanks to incredible performances by a trio of amazing female performers (Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone and Olivia Colman), a sharp, witty script from Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara and, of course, the watchful eye of Lanthimos whose resume continues to impress with each new film released, The Favourite will definitely make noise this Awards season and could walk away with some coveted hardware when all is said and done. Personally, there have been better films throughout the year but if you've included The Favourite in your Top 10, I would be hard-pressed to argue you out of such a decision. The balance of humor and nastiness is where The