Hot Take: Ralph Breaks the Internet | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Whatever you thought about Wreck-It Ralph will likely be magnified here. I loved Wreck-It Ralph and loved the sequel, as well. It's funny how much execution matters when it comes to a concept such as riffing on the Internet. Remember The Emoji Movie? Conceptually, The Emoji Movie and Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to the insanely lucrative and well received 2012 Disney flick Wreck-It Ralph, aren't that much different. However, a side-by-side comparison of the finished product and you'll ask yourself what took so long for one (the follow-up to Wreck-It Ralph) and why did it ever get made for the other. Ralph Breaks the Internet is a fun return to the Wreck-It Ralph character that sometimes tops its predecessor's high score (especially any time the Disney Princesses are on screen) and delivers what seems to be a difficult, tear-inducing ending for young audiences though it feels a little bloated in the third act. There's almost no reason for there not to be a third film