Hot Take: What They Had | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Want to reach a depressive state? Watching a family cope with a mother in the later stages of Alzheimer's is usually reserved for Lifetime Movie status but Elizabeth Chomko's feature film debut rises above. Remember those forgettable popcorn action flicks from this summer when you might have been asking for something with a little more emotional weight (maybe leave out Avengers: Infinity War from this discussion)? Well, writer/director Elizabeth Chomko has filled that void with her first feature film, What They Had. Featuring a great ensemble cast and all too real subject (It is based on the true story of Chomko's real life family), What They Had takes an emotional toll on the viewer with the dexterity to avoid hitting on the cliches that usually see these films bound for the Lifetime Movie of the Week. Filled with solid performances from Blythe Danner, Robert Forster, Hilary Swank (Does every movie she appears in have to require a box of tissues?) and Michael Shannon, Chomko