Hot Take: Venom | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Proof you don't need to be a good movie to find success at the box office. If you were to ever peruse my comic book collection (Yes, I have a comic book collection somewhere.), you'd quickly realize Venom is my favorite comic book character. Notice I didn't say superhero? Also, I'm on record about Tom Hardy being one of the most underrated performers in Hollywood. So, Venom starring Hardy as the titular character's alter ego Eddie Brock should be a slam dunk no brainer for me, right? Well, not so much. The latest non-MCU Marvel film is yet another dumbed down, silly take on one of the more serious comic book characters you'll find out there. It completely misses the tone and premise behind the tormented Brock and his anti-hero alter ego. There's efforts made to portray the relationship and the effects are really cool (It erases away all of the mistakes made in 2007's Spider-Man 3 with the character) but falls short of competency with its portrayal and effects only take you