Hot Take: The Hate U Give | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: The mix of a coming-of-age story and an introspective into racial relations works exceptionally well and it's timely, too. Racial division is something we're seeing more and more in our current political climate. All too often, fragile racial relations have been weaponized for political gain which has heightened tensions between races in some cases. This makes The Hate U Give a timely addition to the cinema. Similar to Monsters and Men yet different as it focuses on a young African American woman who witnesses an accidental police shooting during a routine traffic stop. It brings to light some major issues between police and the black community and tells it from a unique perspective. With a solid cast featuring Amandla Stenberg in the lead role, The Hate U Give finds a delicate balance between coming-of-age and social justice and sends a strong message regarding our current climate and what needs to change. In The Hate U Give, Starr (Stenberg) struggles with dueling lives. By