Hot Take: Mid90s | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: You can tell it's a passion project for Jonah Hill who makes his debut as writer/director. There are parts that are fantastic and parts that completely miss but, for the most part, Hill's debut hits often enough to make it a successful one. I'm 8 years older than Jonah Hill and would have made me 20 when his feature directorial debut Mid90s likely took place. It's not quite a groundbreaking piece of work from Hill who taps into his childhood for some aspects of the film. Referred to as loosely autobiographical, it seems appropriate to note that Hill was not the child of a single mother (his dad was an accountant whose client list included Guns N' Roses and mom was a costume designer and fashion stylist) and while he grew up in Los Angeles, it was in Chaviot Hills, one of the more wealthy neighborhoods of the city. He worked in a skate shop, was obsessed with skating and surely knew characters like the ones in his film. The blueprint for this type of film was already laid out