Hot Take: Creed II | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: As a sucker for boxing movies and native of the Philly suburbs, do you really think there's a chance I didn't love this movie? Someone asked me recently if Rocky was a real person. Even though Rocky Balboa -- the character at the center of a cinematic franchise which has now spawned 8 films -- is loosely based on a real boxer (Chuck Wepner), Rocky is technically not real. However, if you're from the Philadelphia area and you're familiar with the Rocky story right down to the "Rocky steps" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art or the Rocky statue which once lived outside the old Spectrum but now spends its days just northeast of those famed steps, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn't consider Rocky Balboa influential. If you really want to understand how important Rocky is to the city of Philadelphia, Sylvester Stallone who portrays Rocky is beloved in Philadelphia AND a native New Yorker. So, even though I eventually answered "no" to the question about Rocky's