Hot Take: Beautiful Boy | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Dark, depressing true story of David, son Nic Sheff and meth addiction with great performances from Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet. Bring tissues. Once you read the synopsis of Beautiful Boy, you'll realize you're in for a depressing tale. While the subjects of this tale have obviously lived long enough to pen concurrent memoirs of their battle with (for son Nic) addiction and subsequent dealing with (for dad David) a child addicted to meth, Beautiful Boy is a heavy story with very few bright moments throughout. It's an accurate portrayal of the cycle of addiction that many go through when dealing with a family member addicted to drugs or alcohol. Often mentioned, the film focuses on relapse and it's role in recovery as well as the difficulty it can pose to constantly care for someone who only really cares about their next high. It would be lying if I described the film as following the ups and downs of addiction and recovery as there aren't enough ups present to give