Hot Take: White Boy Rick | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: If you loved the trailer, you'll wonder what the heck movie you're watching. Tell me why I'm supposed to feel sympathy for a crack dealer again? Earlier this year, one of the worst films of 2018 hit theaters when Gotti rolled in to remind us that John Gotti wasn't all that bad of a guy... even though he was a murderer, loan shark and ran illegal gambling through the mob. They didn't spend much time on that side of things and all I can remember is John Travolta's ridiculously poor over-the-top portrayal at this point but it was one example how the filmmaker can control the narrative and attempt to portray an unsavory character in a more positive light. Then there's White Boy Rick. Set in the 1980s, the mostly true story of Rick Wershe, Jr., also known as "White Boy Rick" who was an FBI informant in his early teen years and later became a cocaine dealer before he turned 18. The depressing tale details Rick's ascension to power, money and women before eventually the world comes