Hot Take: Halloween | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Fan service to the nth degree. It's your average horror sequel with a shot of nostalgic reverence to the horror film that started it all. The reviews for Halloween are almost glowing. For clarity's sake, that's the 2018 Halloween. It's not the original Halloween from 1978 nor is it one of the film's 4 sequels. It's not the 20th anniversary follow up which this film largely ignores. Nor is it either of the two reboots and it's definitely not the sequel to the second reboot. It is, however, the 11th film in the venerable and lucrative franchise. As previously mentioned here, you're not getting the point of view of a person who necessarily enjoys horror films here but I did respect the '78 original which brought the Michael Myers character and essentially a genre of slasher films to life. One could argue that without Michael Myers, there's likely no Jason Vorhees or Freddy Krueger. Despite all of this and despite the efforts of this Halloween to show reverence to its