Hot Take: Fahrenheit 11/9 | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Today's news cycle is more like an AR-15 than a .44 Magnum which causes Fahrenheit 11/9 to land with more of a thud than a whack. I've been waiting for the oxygen mask to drop from the overhead since January 2017. Back then, it was photos of the Inauguration we were obsessing over. There were the real ones, the doctored ones and the claims from every direction of what it all meant. Depending on what side (Yes, it's now sides. There's no more ideology or leaning, it's now pick a side.) you're on, the last 22 months have been, well, interesting, I guess. There are plenty of other words to describe it but this isn't a political blog nor is this the place to go down that rabbit hole. However, it's important to set the stage for the climate for which Fahrenheit 11/9, documentarian Michael Moore's latest, faced when entering the box office fray. Unlike Fahrenheit 9/11, the film which discussed the 9/11 attacks and subsequent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and how George W. Bush and