Hot Take: Colette | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: A showcase for Keira Knightley's talents in a provocative role. You know it's a period piece but it feels so fresh at the same time. If you don't know who Colette is (I didn't), it won't make this period biopic from writer/director Wash Westmoreland which showcases the talents of Keira Knightley and Dominic West any less interesting. Actually, it might add to the intrigue. Having little exposure to previews of the film, the provocative nature of the story of a young French girl who marries a successful Parisian writer who then becomes one of his ghostwriters and launches a series of sexually explicit novels around Claudine, a young country girl who ventures to Paris. The film digs into issues of gender equality and expectations around sexual proclivity which continue to remain relevant today despite the film's period setting. It's Knightley though that shines more than the story in one of the more impressive performances of her acting career. It's likely not quite Oscar