Hot Take: Assassination Nation | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: There's a lot going on here. Within the chaos, there's a message but the film may be too bonkers to figure it out. Instead, you just might feel like it's a smarter version of The Purge and that's not the worst thing you could say about a movie. If The Crucible, The Purge, Kill Bill and Mean Girls had an orgy, Assassination Nation would be it's lovechild. Maybe that should have been my Hot Take but I chose to lead with it as it's more than just a Hot Take when it comes to this film. Writer/director Sam Levinson has an interesting piece of work on his hands here with Assassination Nation. Personally, it didn't completely hit the mark but it's impossible to say it doesn't hold your attention for 110 minutes. One part satire, one part young women's anthem Assassination Nation takes a wide look at what happens when the shame of our private affairs becomes public and the public can't handle it and then puts a laser focus on what that does to young women when they become the target.