The Final 25 Movies of the First 100 Movies of 2018, Graded | Movie Hot Take
Still a little backlogged on reviews, MHT tallied movie #100 about a week ago which continues to match 2017's pace despite all the Movie Pass hiccups and other things that managed to get in the way of sitting in a dark theater for about 2 hours. While Sorry to Bother You remains in the top spot, 9 movies led by Juliet, Naked, jumped into the top 20 for the year. With almost half of the top 20 being seen in the last 2 months, it's safe to say summer closed out with a bang in 2018. Here's the rest of 2018's grades if you haven't been keeping up: The First 25 Movies of 2018, Graded (April 7, 2018) The Next 25 Movies of 2018, Graded (June 3, 2018) The Next Next 25 Movies of 2018, Graded (July 22, 2018) Now that you're up to speed, here's the last 25 movies of the first 100 movies of 2018, graded: The "Thumbs Up" Group Juliet, Naked REVIEW The best movie of the last 2 months and only one to earn a 5 star rating. There's now two Ethan Hawke films in the top 20 of 2018 (for now).