Hot Take: The Predator | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Fuck me in the face with an aardvark! Who thought we needed another movie about Predator? Well, whether anyone thought it or not, we got another one. This time (roughly 30 years after the original) The Predator fails miserably despite some whimsical choice of talent to write and direct in Shane Black. Even Black seems disinterested in making an interesting action film here and rather relies on throwing shade on the film's premise (Why would it be called Predator since it seems to enjoy hunting and doesn't do it out of necessity? Shouldn't it be called sports hunter or something? That's according to more than one of Black's characters.) and outright mocking the concept of a powerful space alien coming to Earth to hunt for sport. While the film features a witty one-liner here and there (which is why the film ranks a little higher amongst 2018's bottom feeders), even Black's wit can't save this tired franchise from yet another boring reboot. The Predator opens as a Predator ship