Hot Take: The Nun | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Noisy jump scares and repetitive scenes drag down the latest installment in The Conjuring Universe. Don't worry, though. There's yet another sequel/spin-off teed up here so this franchise can continue to tap the horror cash keg at the box office. While earlier this year anyone who reads MHT could have questioned my earlier stance that I'm not a fan of horror films. Currently, A Quiet Place and Hereditary sit at #2 and #3 on my Top Movies of 2018 list. The latest horror flick to grace theaters with it's presence, The Nun, suffers a dissimilar fate as it appears near the bottom of the list similar to previous entries in The Conjuring Extended Universe. Yes, that's a thing. The Conjuring, 2013's box office monster, has spawned a sequel, two Annabelle movies, a couple of short films and now The Nun. (There's also a plan to release a third Annabelle film and The Conjuring 3 as well as something called The Crooked Man, so this extended universe shows no signs of slowing down.) The