Hot Take: Searching | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Another film joining the growing trend of using technology to tell the story... but this one is the best of the year so far to do it. This year, we've seen multiple films utilize technology to tell a story. Earlier in the year, Steven Soderbergh shot an entire film through the lens of an iPhone with Unsane. It was well received by some for it's experimentation though MHT thought it failed miserably in telling a coherent story. Then there was Unfriended: Dark Web which was a sequel and stuck to the limitations of what can be done on a computer screen. Directed by Stephen Susco, Unfriended: Dark Web was shockingly competent considering it was (a) a sequel and (b) a horror flick and typically that combination has fatal flaws. Searching is the third such movie to rely solely on technology to visually tell the story though this one is the first to not have a title that starts with the letter "U" nor does it have a director with an alliterative name. Of the three, Searching had the