Hot Take: Peppermint | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Flat revenge flick with an insane body count and one of the worst titles in recent memory. First, Ben Affleck now this? Jennifer Garner can't get away from disaster quick enough. Earlier this year, we were treated to the reboot of Death Wish nobody asked for. Now, Peppermint offers the female equivalent nobody wanted. With Jennifer Garner in the main role as Riley North, a mom-turned-widow who seeks to kill anyone and everyone (AND WE MEAN EVERYONE!!!) associated with the death of her husband and daughter who were gunned down outside of a county fair, we're treated to the most monotone performance of her career. She cries a few times but quickly snaps back to robotic killing mode and even when she gets some bumps and bruises, it's nothing a little duct tape won't fix. No, seriously. After getting cut deeply on the leg in the opening scene, Garner's Riley limps off to skid row to an abandoned van where there's some vodka (to clean the cut, of course), a staple gun (to close