Hot Take: Kin | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: In a not so distant future, Mystery Science Theater 3000 will make another comeback and Kin will be one of the modern movies it takes a shot at and we'll all laugh our asses off. How did Kin get green lighted? Not only did the film get the green light from Lionsgate, Kin drew the attention of a pretty stellar cast featuring relative newcomer Myles Truitt in the starring role surrounded by a veteran supporting cast including Dennis Quaid, James Franco, Jack Reynor and Zoe Kravitz. Plus, there's an odd Michael B. Jordan cameo. All that being said, the Sci-Fi thriller about a young boy finding a space gun and then heading out on a road trip with his estranged, recently freed from incarceration, adopted brother after their dad was killed in a botched robbery is hilariously bad. It's campy but there's no evidence that it's on purpose. It's ridiculous right down to it's oversized, box shaped gun that only works for certain people. Kin is not a good film but it's bad enough to be