Hot Take: A Simple Favor | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: A Simple Favor never really allows itself to be cornered into a specific genre which is what makes it so much fun. It's more about Lively and Kendrick though and they're both great in Paul Feig's first directorial effort sans Melissa McCarthy since 2006. A Simple Favor is an easy decision and here's how to make it: Are you okay with a less than adequate story overshadowed by two talented performers obviously having a blast with the material that's more style than substance? You are? (I was.) Then A Simple Favor should be right up your alley. (That's a figurative alley, by the way. Not everyone has their own literal alley.) Director Paul Feig sheds his Melissa McCarthy security blanket to bring to life the 2017 novel with the same name which essentially feels like a Gone Girl knock-off and considering A Simple Favor's $20 million budget is 1/3 of Gone Girl's that comparison holds true financially. The result is something a little closer to a less sexier version of 1998's Wild