Hot Take: The Happytime Murders | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: It's embarrassing to admit but puppet vulgarity and raunchy puns found my funny bone. It reaches its shelf life about 2/3 of the way through but it's funny enough. Within minutes, The Happytime Murders earns that R rating. It's well before a scene featuring an octopus milking a cow's 8 utters to what appears to be sexual climax in the back room of an adult video store and that scene occurs in the first 20 minutes. Hopefully, that paints a picture of how obscene and inappropriate the Brian Henson (son of Jim Henson) directed pulpy, profane, puerile puppet whodunit laced with more foul language than the standard Andrew "Dice" Clay set is. It's easy to see why critics would receive it so poorly and audiences could be turned off. However, I'm willing to admit I laughed audibly at times. The plot wasn't awful though derivative and done before. The puppetry is impressive, the use of Melissa McCarthy works in the lead role (did I just say that?) and the supporting cast finds a way