Hot Take: Eighth Grade | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: For me, 8th grade wasn't comfortable and Eighth Grade is about as realistic as fiction comes. It's been about 30 years since my time in 8th grade. Granted, many of the ways in which Kayla spends her time didn't exist during my middle school years, the theme of Bo Burnham's opus to the early teen years is frighteningly real. Elsie Fisher's depiction of Kayla might be filled with modern day interactions with things like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and cell phones but the terror of being an awkward 13 year old and the move from middle school to high school is one of the more accurate coming-of-age films to hit theaters in some time. The only audience members who might think this is a more contemporary depiction and not a timeless tale are those select few of us who somehow skated through their grade school years with ease. The rest of us get it. Eighth Grade is as real of a tale of fiction that we're likely to get in 2018. 8th grade Kayla (Fisher) spends her nights making