Hot Take: BlacKkKlansman | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: More amazing work from the most underrated filmmaker of our time. BlacKkKlansman should make you think, make you laugh and make you wanna holler. Ya dig? Sho nuff! We're not treated to the cinematic work of Spike Lee often enough. It's been 3 years since Chi-Raq and that barely made theaters as it was released in conjunction with Amazon Studios and made it into just 305 theaters during its limited release. Lee's musical focused on the gang violence in Chicago and was well received critically but audiences passed as Lee's films rarely reach wide appeal. His latest, BlacKkKlansman -- a film based on the true story of Ron Stallworth, the first black detective in the Colorado Springs police department, and his infiltration into the KKK -- actually managed to achieve Lee's second widest release of his career with only Inside Man, the 2006 bank heist thriller starring Denzel Washington which also bagged Lee his biggest box office haul, opening wider. For BlacKkKlansman to screen in