Hot Take: Alpha | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: The made-for-TV version of The Revenant with enough visual bells and whistles to find its way to the cinema. The oddity of Alpha is the central figure of the film, a wolf named Alpha, is not the main character. Yet the main character, Keda (Kodi Smit-McPhee), a boy becoming a man on his first bison hunt with his father during the final days of the Stone Age, falls third behind Alpha and the film's IMAX-friendly visuals in what you'll likely find interesting when you sit down and view Alpha. It's a flawed film which fails to distance itself far enough from 2015 Best Picture nominee The Revenant which sets the bar for man vs. wilderness films even with the addition of a canine sidekick who basically steals the show from the main character. Director Albert Hughes, the more technically talented half of the Hughes Brothers who had worked as a team up until 2010, shows his technical touch in his first film on his own. There's a stiffness to the performances outside of Alpha who is