A Star Is Born and 19 Other Films To Look Forward To Before 2018 Is Through | Movie Hot Take
Currently, the MHT Top of 2018 list is 92 films deep and should see at least 50 movies added to it before we turn the page to 2019. (Which usually happens in mid-January because (a) January movies typically suck and (b) some "2018" films don't get a wide release until January.) As typical, the Labor Day weekend is one of the weakest release weeks of the year with the widest release belonging to something called Kin about a kid who finds a space gun. Considering last year the widest release was Tulip Fever ($1.4 million opening on roughly 700 screens) and 2016 featured The Light Between Oceans, the only question really is where the heck is Alicia Vikander? (Note: Her next film, The Earthquake Bird, isn't expected until 2019.) Since we've hit a lull and the only movie left for me to review of films I've seen is Black Panther and I want to see it again before I review it, here's the 5 movies from each month MHT is looking forward to seeing: SEPTEMBER 5. The Predator (September 14th)