Hot Take: Sorry to Bother You | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: A brilliant, hilarious, original film. There's an essence of zany satire that throws back to Zucker Abrahams and Zucker or Mel Brooks but deep enough to cut like a Spike Lee Joint. You can sense it's heading to go off the rails but when it does you can't even imagine how far off the rails it's going. A wild, unapologetic, crazy ride. You don't expect the debut film of a 47 year-old cult indie rapper would hit with so much force as Sorry to Bother You. Writer/director Boots Riley had to hustle for years to even get the film made. He perfected his pitch: "It's an absurdist dark comedy with magical realism and science fiction, inspired by the world of telemarketing. It's called 'Sorry to Bother You.' " He spent years tapping acquaintances he made over the course of his rap career and during his time as a community activist and organizer. Eventually, after being passed over by plenty of actors and artists, he found support in David Cross, Patton Oswalt and David Eggers (who