Hot Take: Breaking In | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: This movie recycles so much, it should come with an Energy Star certification. It's tempting not to go back, look through the reviews I've written and not just copy an old review of a generic B-movie thriller. Honestly, it would likely fit. I guess there's a twist with Breaking In as the criminals are INSIDE the house and Gabrielle Union's character must break IN to save her children BUT, let's be real, that's not much of a twist. Instead, it's mostly regurgitated drama/action that we've seen maybe 100 times in the last 10 years. In Breaking In, Gabrielle Union plays Shaun, a mom of two whose father has recently passed away. Her and her two children have gone to her father's house with the intent on cleaning it up and putting it on the market to be sold. Upon arrival, Shaun discovers her father has essentially turned her spacious childhood home into a fortress with a full security system and other bells and whistles for the paranoid in all of us. As night falls, a foursome