Hot Take: Wonder | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: A near perfect mix of humor, heart, compassion and sophisticated subject matter that makes this the best family film in quite some time. Family-friendly films are tough to find. Good family-friendly films are even more rare. Wonder is indeed that rare film that is both family-friendly and (very) good. Based on a New York Times bestseller, Wonder is a fictional tale about a boy with facial deformities who leaves home schooling behind and enters the fifth grade of a private school. The film tackles kindness, acceptance and friendship and if you didn't know it was fiction walking in, you'll be surprised to learn that it wasn't a true story walking out. It feels as genuine as any "based on a true story" film and contains believable characters enhanced by great performances from Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and a solid supporting cast. It's an unabashed tearjerker and will likely turn a small minority of people off with its sappiness but the message of Wonder is