Hot Take: Flatliners | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: I'm sure the 15-year-old me thought a reboot of Flatliners was a great idea. However, the much older me was a little less enthralled. The original Flatliners was the perfect cable flick. Back when premium cable channels had considerably less original content, certain movies received more repeat play. Flatliners in the '90s was one of those films. There's a good chance I watched it 30-plus times. It wasn't that good. It was just on a lot and easy to re-watch. It didn't ask much of your brain, had some memorable scenes and a halfway decent cast. Plus, there wasn't anything else on. Fast forward to 2017 (which probably takes a lot longer to fast forward once you hit January 2017 because, let's face it, this year feels like a damn eternity!) and some how, some way, someone thought it was a good idea to reboot this middling success from 1990. For perspective, the original Flatliners grossed slightly less than Bird on a Wire and slightly more than Problem Child. Granted, Problem