Hot Take: The Glass Castle | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: Based on a true story, it's like Captain Fantastic... if the father was a drunk, irresponsible and unable to provide actual parenting for his children and the mother was a whimsical artist who thought art was more important than, well, anything. So, maybe it's not really like Captain Fantastic. Jeannette Walls had a rough upbringing which she details in the best selling memoir The Glass Castle. While I haven't read the memoir, from most accounts, the resulting Hollywood version has a thick coat of glossy polish over the actual story. That would explain why I'm trying to figure out what's so damn sentimental about neglectful parents who can't hold a job, move dozens of times, force their children to cook for themselves at a young age (to the point where Jeannette sets herself on fire making a hot dog) and barely provides anything other than hardship and examples of what not to do. Brie Larson plays the present day Walls while Chandler Head and Ella Anderson play the youngest