From It to Friend Request, September's Anticipated Theatrical Releases, Ranked | Movie Hot Take
September is a snapshot of the movie industry in 2017. There's not a lot to get excited about and even those that are worth anticipating have some baggage. Whether it be It which looks awfully scary BUT we'll be comparing it to the two-part TV movie from 1990 or American Made starring Tom Cruise who is fresh off one of the worst movies of 2017 in The Mummy or Mother! which features Jennifer Lawrence and is directed by Darren Aronofsky but neither showed up well in their last effort (Passengers for Lawrence and Noah for Aronofsky) or a handful of smaller films that might catch lightning in a bottle (Battle of the Sexes, Rebel In the Rye, Woodshock, Lucky, Stronger) but are conspicuous by their absence of a wider release in a soft month. There's a big sequel -- Kingsman: The Golden Circle -- which has had such a quiet release that has to make you wonder. There's a remake -- Flatliners -- which looks to have too many bells and whistles and is likely to lose some of the original's appeal.