Hot Take: Lowriders | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: A celebration of the lowrider tradition in Los Angeles mixed with a cliché filled tale of men who can't express their feelings unless it is through heavy machinery. I'm waiting for Blumhouse Tilt to make a misstep this year. I guess you could call The Belko Experiment a misstep but with a $5 million budget and a $10.6 box office, it's far from a disaster. I wasn't expecting much from BH Tilt's latest Lowriders and ranked it the 23rd most anticipated release of May. While there's no reason to go overboard with praise for the latest low budget flick from Jason Blum's cost efficient film factory, Lowriders isn't bad. Featuring a solid cast led by small time actor Gabriel Chavarria as Danny and supplemented by Demian Bichir, last seen in The Hateful Eight as Bob/Marco the Mexican, Theo Rossi, best known for his role on Sons of Anarchy, Tony Revolori, Melissa Benoist and Eva Longoria, this drama centers around Danny's desire to be an artist and his strained relationship with his