Hot Take: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: How do you make King Arthur boring? Ask Guy Ritchie. One of the trickiest movies to pull off is the origin story. It shouldn't be as tricky as Guy Ritchie makes King Arthur's origin tale appear to be. Walking into King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, I was ready for almost anything. One thing I wasn't ready for, though, was boredom. Yet somehow despite it's frantic action scenes, pulsating (and kick ass) soundtrack and twisted take on the Arthurian legend, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a snooze. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is not based on a video game but you wouldn't realize that based on the way the film plays out. Ritchie's tale actually appears more video game-like than last year's Warcraft. The modernization of the visuals is actually a plus but it can't hide the fact that the film is bereft of plot and character development. A lot goes on on screen but the film somehow manages to keep the audience uninvolved in the activities. Charlie Hunnam takes on the titular