Hot Take: Alien: Covenant | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: When you're dealing with the 8th movie in a film franchise, any opinion has the danger of entering "Water is wet" territory. Alien: Covenant is watchable but lacks self-awareness which leads it to appearing to be so damn full of itself. What do you want me to say about Alien: Covenant? It's somewhere in the middle of all of the films in the Alien franchise? Okay. It would be unsurprising to learn that someone behind Life scored an early draft of the script and decided to make a similar film the same year? Watch them both and see if you don't draw the same conclusion. The creature in the two films should have to fight to the death to decide which one is allowed to continue to exist in 2017. Michael Fassbender can even pull off dual roles? Duh. It doesn't seem like there's a place to go with Alien: Covenant that would be fresh and provocative. Essentially, that's also the movie in a nutshell. There's the obvious iconic "chestburster" scene in the original Alien that was a