BuRStS #56: May 2, 2017 featuring The Red Turtle | Movie Hot Take
Even though there are 10 releases this week, it's not a great week for big movies. There are 3 Oscar nominees in the mix with a Best Animated Feature nominee The Red Turtle joined by Best Documentary nominee I Am Not Your Negro and Best Foreign Language Film winner The Salesman. We're still suffering the residual effect of January as the movies released during dump month are now finding their way into the home video market. Here's what to buy, rent, stream and skip for the week of May 2: Buy It! The Red Turtle --NO REVIEW-- Super Simple Synopsis: An artsy animated French film about a man shipwrecked on an uninhabited island. Why Buy? The Red Turtle was no match for Zootopia which took home Disney's 9th Best Animated Feature win in 10 years. This week The Red Turtle is your best option and beautifully animated even if the titular character doesn't appear for 30 minutes. Rent It! Gold --MOVIE HOT TAKE REVIEW-- Super Simple Synopsis: A prospector strikes it rich but finds out