Hot Take: The Boss Baby | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: A silly cartoon in an age where animated films are usually far from silly. It's dumb one joke premise wears thin but it also has the occasional moment in the sun. We're in a different age of cartoons. There was a time when almost every animated film felt like The Boss Baby. While it might not be as madcap as the Looney Tunes series but it definitely has a Tiny Toon Adventures feel about it. The Boss Baby boasts one of the silliest premises in recent memory. The central story revolves around a baby (Alec Baldwin) who is sent undercover from a company known as Baby Corp to infiltrate a family and find out what Puppy Co. has developed as its show stopping next pet. The undercover baby -- The Boss Baby -- joins a family who already has a son named Tim (Miles Christopher Baskhi) and instantly makes Tim feel like an outsider because he now has to fight the new baby for his parent's (Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow) love. Threatened by the baby's presence, Tim becomes jealous until he