BuRStS #53: April 11, 2017 featuring Hidden Figures & Lion | Movie Hot Take
This week's BuRStS features two Oscar nominated films (Hidden Figures and Lion) which are both excellent choices to add to any home video collection. It also features two dump month releases (The Bye Bye Man and Monster Trucks) which took less than 3 months to find their way into the home video market. The remaining 6 releases earned $3.5 million at the box office combined. Here's MHT's list of what to buy, rent, stream and skip for the week of April 11th: Buy It! Hidden Figures --MOVIE HOT TAKE REVIEW-- Super Simple Synopsis: The untold true story of three brilliant African American women working at NASA who played key roles in the launch of John Glenn into orbit. Why Buy? Great story, great acting and a rare movie everyone in the family can enjoy. Lion --MOVIE HOT TAKE REVIEW-- Super Simple Synopsis: A 5-year-old boy gets separated from his family when he accidentally boards a train that takes him thousands of kilometers across India. After surviving the tough streets and being