BuRStS #51: March 28, 2017 featuring Silence | Movie Hot Take
This week's BuRStS features an 8-pack of films with a box office juggernaut that leeched success from its Harry Potter roots (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), an overlooked film that received some Awards chatter (20th Century Women), another Berg/Wahlberg project (Patriots Day), one of the many James Franco movies from 2016 (Why Him?) and not one but two films that the mere presence of Liam Neeson improves (Silence and A Monster Calls). Read on to find out about the two unmentioned releases and which films MHT recommends to buy, rent, stream and skip for the week of March 28: Buy It! Silence --MOVIE HOT TAKE REVIEW-- Super Simple Synopsis: Martin Scorsese's passion project about two Christian missionaries whose faith is tested when they go to Japan to search for their missing mentor. Why Buy? Of all of the releases this week, Silence was the best. Silence might not have performed well at the box office or at the Oscars but with a strong cast featuring Andrew Garfield, Adam