Hot Take: The Lego Batman Movie | Movie Hot Take
Hot Take: The best Batman movie in the last 12 months. Look, there's a lot of Batman movies these days. In the last 12 months, there was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman: The Killing Joke and Suicide Squad which, technically, isn't a Batman movie but he does make an appearance. The most represented cinematic character of the last 12 years had a busy year in 2016. With The LEGO Batman Movie hitting theaters in February, he's not getting 2017 off. On the heels of the success of The LEGO Movie, The LEGO Batman Movie is a spin-off of Will Arnett's Batman character from the 2014 box office phenomenon. The LEGO Batman Movie looks a lot its predecessor but differentiates itself from its source material which is both good and bad. The focal point of the film is pure satire of the entire Batman franchise. It even takes shots at the '60s TV show. It's also kid focused with one breakneck action sequence after another but adult enough in it's frenetic, cutthroat parody that The LEGO