BuRStS #47: February 28, 2017 featuring Moonlight | Movie Hot Take
With 10 movies to be released on February 28th including this year's Best Picture nominee winner, Moonlight, it's a big week in terms of quantity. However, there's plenty to wait to stream or just plain skip this week with less than half of the releases making the rent or buy list. Here's what you should buy, rent, stream and skip for the week of February 28th: Buy It! Moonlight --MOVIE HOT TAKE REVIEW-- Super Simple Synopsis: Think Boyhood. Well, if the main character was played by three different people and was an African American growing up in a rough Miami neighborhood. Why Buy? Moonlight is a deserving Best Picture winner and the win for Adapted Screenplay also comes as no surprise. The three actors who portray Little/Chiron/Black, Best Supporting Actor winner Mahershala Ali and Best Supporting Actress nominee Naomie Harris are all excellent. Barry Jenkins who won for Best Adapted Screenplay also did an amazing job directing the film even though he came up short in the Best